Artist Bio

Naomi Edmondson is a painter and mural artist. Her work focuses on humanizing urban spaces through language, colour and scale. Her paintings promote hope, optimism and relief from issues such as depression, anxiety and urban isolation. Under the project title ‘Survival Techniques’, she paints typographic murals, across the streets of London that present simple actions or statements, that aim to bring a little light to someone having a dark day. Paintings are always written using everyday language and each lively colour palette is created in response to the environment.

Naomi on how Survival Techniques began

2 years ago, after a period of feeling very low, I wrote a list to remind me what to do when I was feeling really low: things that always made me feel a bit better. They were always super simple things like 'Talk to someone, anyone, about anything' which came from me chatting to the guy in my local shop for a few minutes. I realised that I would leave the shop feeling much more a part of the world again.

After finding that friends found similar 'Survival Techniques' worked for them, I began to think about ways of sharing the list, and after seeing a local street artist at work in East London, decided that the street would be the best, most democratic place to share them.

The first wall I painted was "Hide Less Chat More" - words from the friend I’d first shared my list of Survival Techniques with. There are now many paintings spread across London.