Thursday 29th June @ 8pm - Last Thursday of the month. 
Free Entry

They will be bringing you the freshest and best comedians, from the London circuit.
A great excuse to have a night out to enjoy our Neapolitan pizzas and house wine on tap!

The evening will be hosted by the charming live-wire storyteller from Germany - LUCY GARCIA. She'll be introducing 6 individual acts followed by an amazing headliner.

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This months line up!!
6 comedians will entertain you followed by headliner Simone Belshaw.

Headliner - Simone Belshaw
She is a Canadian bred, London based comedian. She specialises in metaphor and off beat observations.Simone is currently is a co-producer for the stand up meets improv show, Piggyback.

Reverend Pie-Crust
'The Rev. Pie-Crust offers instructional ballads and uncontrollable wisdom, in the Suffolk Orthodox tradition, that stay with you for a long time afterwards...a bit like a large tapeworm but more holy'.

Maggie Kowalski
"Maggie is a hilarious comedienne of Polish descent, she has been creating a stir on the London stand up comedy circuit with her astute observations and fabulously funny stories. "

Vivian Kay
"The best AND ONLY maypole dancing jokes on the circuit"

Dom Pat
"Dom Patmore is a rubik's cube-take a bunch of characteristics and ideas that don't seems to match, twist them round, and get a quirky, interesting, and delightful experience"

Les Connelly
Les is a guy who goes around saying words to folk in an attempt to make them laugh. He happens to be both old enough and young enough so don't worry about that.

Kuan-wen Huang
Kuan-wen who has lived in the UK for more than 10 years. He left London for Berlin in 2015 to ''find himself'', only to pick up English stand up comedy in the heart of the German capital and to return to London to pursue comedy further.