Thursday 31st August @ 8pm - Last Thursday of the month. 
Free Entry

They will be bringing you the freshest and best comedians, from the London circuit.
A great excuse to have a night out to enjoy our Neapolitan pizzas and house wine on tap!

The evening will be hosted by the charming live-wire storyteller from Germany - LUCY GARCIA. She'll be introducing 6 individual acts followed by an amazing headliner.

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This months line up!!
6 comedians will entertain you followed by headliner Alex Martini.

Stephen Trumble
An act who isn't afraid to flit from the sacred to the profane, a fast paced and razor-sharp observational comedian

The Monks
…(The Monks)…in many ways sound like an old school Oxbridge style of act…but the material was much darker

Darren Wildheart Brett
Became a stand up comedian to try and avoid a mid life crisis. Discovered he'd been having one since he was born. Loves hats, hates wasps, loves Spain, Can't speak a word of it

Emily McQuade
She is a slightly shorter than average female human rumoured to inhabit comedy gigs, especially in the London area. She is most easily identified by her unruly hair (some say the hair possesses a separate consciousness from Emily herself, but this is yet to be proven) and frequent utterances of deadpan whimsy

Sally Firth
Imagine your friend’s slightly posh mum coming onto stage and being both adorable and hilarious and you'll understand why the audience fell in love with Sally

William Stone
He is gathering moss. Stuck somewhere between reality and dreams in the nineties, he navigates his way through life with one liners that highlight the absurdity of the mundane.