We've decided to bring a new format to Mum's night!  Starting next Monday 6th march, at each get together there will be a different chat topic, addressing current, past and future issues that affect us all sooner or later. 

This month we'll be talking about coping as a mum with going back to work. How do you balance work & babies, families and households. Nurseries vs. nannys. Going Solo vs. Partnerships. The Commute, downtime, leisure time, and does the old 80s adage of 'having it all' really just mean 'doing it all', or can we be doing it all a little bit better. 

We want to have a real life conversation, with top tips from new friends. Mother Pukka would be proud. 

Order burrata or share a meat board, cocktail or coffee, take this opportunity to get out of the house & say Hello to your neighbouring mums. 

No need to book just, head downstairs on arrival…

New-borns are obviously welcome - just strap them on and bring them down. 

Dad’s Night Out, Wednesday 15th March – same time and place!

Date for the Diary: Monday 8th May - London's Secret...