Caricature Valentines

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Caricature Valentines


Wednesday 14th February @ 7pm until late.
£32.50 per person (Anti-pasti, pizza, ½ carafe of hse wine and workshop)

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Wednesday 14th February @ 7pm until late.
£32.50 per person (Anti-pasti, pizza, ½ carafe of hse wine and workshop)

Sense of humour? This is a night out for you.

Change the way you see your partner completely in this introduction to the art of caricature for beginners.
Amazing Pizza and abundant red wine will be available on the side to fuel your creativity.
Draw, Eat and be merry with a friend or lover to make this St. Valentine something to remember!

This workshop will be hosted by Francesco Caricatures.


7.00 pm – Welcome, drinks and anti-pasti. 
7.15 pm – Introduction to how to draw caricatures with demonstrations
7.45pm – Sketching Part 1: How to draw spot on likeness
8.15 pm – Pizza
8.45 pm – Sketching Part 2: How to master exaggeration
9.30 pm - Sketching Part 3: Making a statement with caricatures

FREE CARICATURE. With your participation at the workshop, you will receive a complimentary caricature made by Francesco. This will be a group caricature with all the participants, and it will be emailed to you the week after the workshop. 

Brief Introduction of the workshop.

We will have loads of fun learning the secret behind the art of caricature.

A common misconception is that caricature artists are a few talented individuals with extraordinary magic hands… Nothing further than the truth! Caricatures, in fact, are a matter of seeing, understanding and interpreting the face… and, least but not least, a good dose of sense of humour!

All materials necessary for the workshop will be provided. 

Aim of the workshop

The participants will challenge themselves in drawing caricatures through a series of easy guided tasks which they will execute alone, in pairs and in a group. The workshop is suitable for absolute beginners of every age. With caricatures fun for everyone guaranteed!

About the Workshop Facilitator

My name is Francesco Caricatures ( and I am a full-time professional caricaturist who travels UK wide providing caricature based entertainment at wedding receptions, corporate functions, birthday parties and fundraising events. He worked with clients such as HSBC, Unilever and the University of Suffolk.